40 and over 2nd

We may be creaking, but we're not ready to croak.

Lively, international, English-speaking clan for players over 40. We are a bunch of like-minded players, who play the game to relax, but also to learn from one another and advance our skills & bases in a friendly atmosphere. We promote full-team involvement and co-operation. We war every weekend and every 2nd Wednesday.


  • We are looking for active players of any th level who want to add to our pool of experience or learn from it.
  • Candidates must be regularly active, preferably tending their base every day.
  • You must be willing to participate in war at least once a month.
  • We will help develop rushed bases, but you will be excluded from war until a competitive level has been achieved.
  • Presence in chat is mandatory.
  • To join us, please state your age in request and introduce yourself upon acceptance.
  • Communication is key.

    Handy attacks:

    The holy grail of all ground attacks.

    How to 3-star TH10. Apparently

    How we run things:

  • We don't enforce any donation ratio, totally relying on everyone's own idea of fair play. Tip: Requests for defence don't mean giants, requests for attack troops don't mean wallbreakers.
  • In between wars we encourage learning new attack strategies as well as redesigning war bases to provide optimum resistance.
  • We prefer you get 1 star trying a 3-star attack than go in with gowipe which is a guaranteed 2, but never a 3 star.
  • Presence in chat is required.
  • War

  • War search starts every Friday at 19h00 GMT/14h00 EST.
  • If you have opted in for war, both attacks are mandatory, regardless of score.
  • Strategy is potentially different for every war - check inbox for instructions. These may arrive after battle day starts so we have time to investigate opponents' war bases.
  • Everyone is assigned a 1st attack target by headquarters. If anyone isn't happy with their target they don't pick their own, we consult in chat.
  • We confer in chat re all 2nd attacks.